Our Story

Our journey starts on one afternoon in Boston MA, when our Co-Founder, Merav, was pregnant with her youngest son- Daniel.

"I went to the hospital for a routine check but ended up given birth early on week 30, very surprised and very scared. 


Daniel was born one and a half kg -- one pack of flour.  So small and boney —his head was the size of an apple. When they rolled me into the NEO-NETAL Intensive care unit, the NICU; I saw lot of equipment around this small creature.  That image, with all the wires and stickers, stayed with me for a long time and it was very difficult to get use to it and attach to my son.

Beyond the obvious survival aspects --The everyday care wasn’t easy: 

I had to replace every 3 hours all the stickers and sensors to avoid burns and rushes on his gentle skin.  

My time with him was limited to short and priceless sessions KANGAROO holding which the Doctors repeatedly told me how important it is as it stabilizes his heart and respiratory rates, increases his oxygen levels, weight gaining and makes his immune system stronger. 

I remember when I was trying to pick him up – he was tangled with the wires, one of them got disconnected and the monitors stars screaming!  

By the time the nurse came, I almost got a heart attack! Since then, every time I wanted to pick him up—I had to wait for the nurses.   

It made me feel so tied up to those machines, incapable taking care of my son--Constant reminder that my baby is in the hospital and I can't take him home.  

What if they weren’t there?!  It could be so much easier... "